Information Collection may collect your information which is provided to us by you through the Service. This information may include name, telephone number, email id and any other information considered as personal. Also, we do not collect personal information from children below the age of 13 years.

How Your Personal Information Is Used?

The personal information collected by us is used in: (a) promoting the Service and other products (b) sending notifications (c) giving answers to your queries and suggestions (d) improving quality of products and services. We may use your phone numbers or email ids to inform you about our new products, services, features and other offers to improve our customer service.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Policy

We shall only use your personal information in ways that have been mentioned in the privacy policy. However, if you choose to opt-in at different sites on the server, then this would imply that you have given your consent to provide your personal information to third parties. You may even choose to opt-out by contacting the customer service and you shall stop receiving any notifications. By doing so, you give your consent that this action, including your choice to opt out from receiving any type of communication and deleting your personal information will prevent you from being able to fully utilize the Service.


While you utilize the service, we may even collect information regarding the device you are using. Among the data that we collect include the operating system used by you, web browser, IP address as well as UDID which is unique device information. You may be allocated a cookie when you visit the service. However, this cookie does not have any personal information about you. You may choose to not get a cookie just by enabling your device to reject any cookies whenever there is a suggestion. By doing so you may not be able to make use of the Service optimally. Cookies and third-party ads are utilized in delivering ads that match your interest when you land up on any website where we give advertisements. Additionally, we may use web beacons to help manage online advertisements.

Quality Improvement of Our Websites

Information about your device may be collated by us to evaluate how effective traffic and content is. We use this data in making the sites convenient to use and improve the quality of the service. We do not collect any information about your activities on other websites or track your IP address. We gather information about the use of service and which may be combined with information collected from other sites or Service. Such information or data may be used by us in improving the quality of the service or wherever we consider apt.

Notifications reserves the right to change this privacy policy. If we wish to use your information in a different way than what is mentioned in this privacy policy, we will notify you through email and you may have an option to opt out of this. Also, if there are changes to privacy policy, then you will get notification that will serve to let the users know about the changes made. We may even mail in some cases.

Customer Service

If you have any queries about the privacy policy, how to use and the services we offer, you may contact us on our website.